Design Build Classes

Intensive courses that provide you with extensive home building knowledge from site planning to foundations, insulation, engineering, design, wiring, plumbing, tool knowledge and the ability to Design and Build. Whether you have been dreaming of building a home or are already heavily involved in the building industry; the Design Build course or the Contract-It-Yourself course will provide a new understanding of construction and confidence in your ability to complete a project.

Purely Post & Beam

In this one-week class we start with raw lumber, and in five days cut and raise a 24x24-foot timber frame by hand. The days are spent on site designing, cutting, and raising a post and beam frame. You will learn to select, use, and care for a complete set of timber framing tools. After the sharpening workshop you'll be able to shave with your chisels. In five short days, you will turn fresh lumber into a carefully crafted houseframe and leave knowing how to design and build your own.

Purely Post & Beam Offerings
Single Tuition
Couple Tuition
Collabortive Workshop Series

This winter, Shelter Institute has teamed up with The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council and the Maine Contractors & Builders Alliance, to offer a series of programs designed to educate residential building professionals on construction practices that both optimize energy efficiency measures and minimize the risk of indoor air quality problems in new and existing homes.

Although not codes classes, these programs include coverage of the Maine Building & Energy Codes (2012 and proposed 2015 national codes), basic building science, IAQ principles, and some humor so that building professionals of all types can understand the concepts presencted in each of these trainings.

The program trainers, William A Turner and David Johnston, provide a perfect blend of building science technique and practical, pound-the-nails guidance.