Instructors and Staff
Michael Currier
Timber Framer

Mike took the Purely Post & Beam Class during his junior year in high school in 2011 and began apprenticing at Shelter in the fall. He is an avid builder and woodworker. He spends his time at Shelter cutting and raising frames, as well as installing structural insulated panels, windows, doors and metal roofs. He attends trade shows, providing hand-tool and sharpening demonstrations and becomes quite animated with given the opportunity to discuss timber frames with customers. He has just begun a two year program at Southern Maine Techinical College, studying Architectural and Engineering Technology. A true engineer at heart, Mike is not satisfied with a cursory understanding of how things work - whether it's a stop splayed scarf joint or a diesel engine.

Mike is a gifted mechanic who enjoys working on Fords and driving Dodges. he can often be found in the backwoods of Maine looking for antique trucks to resurrect. He lives in Brunswick with his Malamute-Husky mix, Gandolph.