Instructors and Staff
Gaius Hennin
President—Civil Engineer

Gaius was born shortly before Pat and Patsy started Shelter Institute. He grew up with the business. Gaius graduated from Tufts University with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1992. “When I was four-years-old I went to the jobsite with my Dad and picked up dropped nailsthere weren’t many. He was building the passive solar house that launched Shelter Institute. By age five, I was straightening the dropped, bent nails. At age eight, I was given my first hammer. At thirteen (yes, it took me awhile to get good with the hammer), I was allowed to use a circular saw. At age fifteen my father finally put a slick in my handsI had arrived. In my junior year in college after my 869th steel reinforced concrete calculation, I fully realized my desire to return to the family business and timber framing.”

Gaius brings the concrete, sequential thought processes of engineering to every aspect of Shelter. His lifetime of building experience and sense of humor lighten even the heaviest load. He treats customers, clients, staff and family with compassion and appreciates each individuals' strengths, goals, and dreams. His perspective and experience guide the business as it grows and evolves. Gaius enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy, and three sons Clayton, Nicholas, and Tanner biking, boating, motorcycling, sugaring, and making ice cream. Gaius and Amy built their timber frame home and barn in Woolwich together.