The intent for the Patricia Kane Hennin Cancer Research Fund is to raise one million dollars in principal and then to Fund Pure Research in Breast Cancer cell development and metastasis, especially as induced by estrogen and other hormones. Patsy believed she was dying as a result of prescribed hormone replacement therapy. While estrogen is dangerous to all women, one third of women are very estrogen sensitive and very cancer prone. I wish to avoid monies ending up favoring pharmaceutical company strategies selling chemotherapy products which prolong cancer life rather than curing sudden cell multiplication. I do not have faith in large institutionalized organizations that for years have failed to solve this problem while consuming vast resources. I am looking for a Marie Curie or Jonas Salk, not a drone hoping to be hired by Wyeth, Pfizer, Merck, et al. Two billion dollars are spent on Cancer Research per year while the drug companies like Wyeth, the seller of estrogen that causes 20,000 cancers per year, earn $12 to $35 billion per year. It is important to me that the charitable donations I manage to raise go to the right place: Pure Cancer Cell Development Research.

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Changes to ASHRAE Ventilation Standard
Isaac Asimov wrote "Science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom." We have seen this play out countless times in residential construction: double pane windows with seals that failed within a few years creating 'obscurred glass', vapor barriers installed on the wrong side of the wall ... READ MORE