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Item #9780892728084
by Greg A. Marley
Down East Books, 2009
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 143 pages

"There is an often-told story of Japanese mushroom collectors who so valued Maitake mushrooms as both a food source and a health tonic that they might go the grave before divulging the locations of their Maitake trees."

The United States spends more on health care and medical research than any other country, yet we are just beginning to recognize the potential of mushrooms as aids to healthy living.

In traditional cultures the world over, mushrooms are a much-loved source of food and an ingredient in health-maintaining tonics. Today, scientists are confirming that compounds found in medicinal fungi support immune system function, have antomicrobial properties, and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It is also reassuring to know that none of the medicinal mushrooms closely resemble any toxic species.

Written for anyone interested in the potential health benefits of medicinal fungi, Mushrooms for Health will help you locate, identify, and use ten of the most available and well-researched species found in the Northeastern United States.

"As an avid amateur mycologist and mushroom educator bringing the world of mushrooms to hundreds of people each year, I see many individuals seeking to reintegrate mushrooms into their lives," says Greg Marley, who has studied mushrooms for more than three decades. He also publishes an Internet newsletter called Coastal Maine Mushrooming, serves as a volunteer consultant to the Northern New England Poison Control Center, and is the proprietor of Mushrooms for Health, a business that cultivates edible and medicinal mushrooms. He lives in Rockland, Maine.
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