Island Building

We recognize that not all sites are equal and sometimes ‘re-building’ is better than tearing down and building new. We welcome the challenge that these special projects offer and enjoy designing unique solutions for them. From islands with no roads to raising church roofs, to replacing 200 year old timbers, our team thrives in diverse construction environments.


Curious about how Shelter can help you with your building project?

Watch a YouTube video (step 1 and step 2) of Shelter installing glulam timbers in an old church so the owner could bring new life to the building and incorporate a studio apartment and a restaurant into the beautiful historic space.

Or view a slideshow of the Shelter crew building a 24x36 hemlock frame with a 20-ft wide dustpan dormer on Gay Island, which is off the tip of Cushing between the Back River and the St. George River. Read more about brining the frame and building materials to the island and assembling the frame on the Shelter Build blog.