Instructors and Staff
Pat Hennin
Founder and CEO

Pat and Patsy Hennin started Shelter Institute in the early 1970's on the premise that house building and home ownership are affordable. They broke down the house building process and studied all of the various systems to create a clear picture to homeowners, would-be homeowners, builders and engineers.

Pat graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Economics. While at Tufts, he founded the Leonard Carmichael Society and began his life-long passion of teaching. He taught Spanish to high school students immediately after college and earned his law degree from the University of Maine. Pat's tremendously broad background from his childhood in France, immigration to the US, youth on a farm in Ontario, logging in Idaho to pay for college, lively participation in local politics, and continued study of house building and general environmental effects on human health afford him endless insight into the design and building proccess.

Sadly, we lost Patsy in 2006 after a spirited, three-year battle against breast cancer. She is missed every day.

Pat is the foundation on which Shelter was founded, and he continues to draw us all back to the roots of Shelter Institute while inspiring us to pursue research, growth, and development.