Site Assembly

Shelter Design Build ships frames all over the country and beyond. We've travelled as far as Virginia to raise them. Delivery is via our truck or common carrier for greater distances.

The frame and panels we've cut to your design at our shop in Maine are delivered to your site, along with any roofing material, windows, and doors you may have ordered. When we arrive, our crew assembles and encloses the structure within a matter of days. Clients, customers, and passersby often comment on the ease with which our crew raises and encloses a structure.

“What a project! To say we are impressed would be an understatement. Every time I thought I had to be thinking about some aspect of the project that might not get done as I envisioned, I discovered it was well planned and Shelter was way ahead of me! I came to the conclusion I was using an outmoded thought process designed for regular contractors who cannot be depended on. Shelter Design Build operates at a different level. How refreshing!” -John and Ellie, Recent Satisfied Shelter Design Build Clients

Join us at any one of our sites throughout the year to see an assembly in person. Just call for locations and dates.

Timber Frame Production

Our 8,000 square-foot, heated shop allows our crew to layout and cut frames year round in a controlled environment where accuracy and craftsmanship are standard.

Our design team will work with you to develop your design, then define it on the computer. A drawing is created for each unique timber in your frame, which is used by our joiners to shape the structure. We also offer a variety of pre-engineered frames from which to choose.

  • Pete Neidhardt
    After taking their Design & Build course, I had the confidence to build this timber frame house, from a version of their stock plans. And you will too.
    Pete Neidhardt
  • Chasen Gillies
    We drove thirteen hours through a blizzard to take the timber framing course and it was worth it. You can tell this family has been teaching people since the 70's. 70's?! These guys are great. I hope to be back to learn but just saying "HI" would be a win. They've probably mapped out every minute of the week for the students but it still feels relaxed. Best of all, I can say with confidence, I can build a house. A timber structure. And I will
    Chasen Gillies
  • Matt Anglin
    Excellent course on house building. Teaches about every aspect of house including good design principles.
    Matt Anglin
  • Laurie Palagyi
    Shelter is a phenomenal resource of skill, intelligence, and good people. I took the two week design/build course and it was wonderful. I left with the confidence to assess my own home and any future home that I may build or purchase. Shelter is the real deal.
    Laurie Palagyi
  • David H T Kane
    Instructors make sure their lectures are clear and understandable to the students. Great follow through.
    David H T Kane
  • Deborah Caldwell
    Nothing can beat the hands-on experience that my daughter and I enjoyed for three weeks at the shelter institute. I have kept in touch ever since. I am disappointed that I cannot leave a comment on Pats chainsaw videos. The system does not seem to acknowledge our presence.
    Deborah Caldwell
  • Enzo Talladira
    As a second generation carpenter/joiner Shelter Institute's online course is a must for all who are interested in Timber Framing and the enjoyment of life.

    I have found the team to be responsive, caring and helpful. A pleasure to deal with.
    Enzo Talladira
  • Kristina Rae Bolduc
    So far our online courses are phenomenal!!! We love Pat, Gaius, and Blueberry! Gabe is pretty awesome too!!
    Kristina Rae Bolduc

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October 15, 2020

FB Post #1

In this fifth video of our Chainsaw Video Series, Pat covers his favorite way of sharpening. A sharp chainsaw is a safer chainsaw, and way more fun to use! Whether you want more performance, or longevity out of your chain, Pat will go over the different variables when it comes to sharpening, and help you understand some of the core principles.
October 15, 2020

FB Post #2

We are well into the second week of class winding up a rousing day of Wiring taught by Pat Hennin , Blueberry Beeton wrapped up our Monday with Model-Framing. Tomorrow starts bright and early with a window installation and water-proofing workshop with Gaius Hennin

October 15, 2020

FB Post #3

We are thrilled to welcome 30 (smaller than our typical maximum to continue to support social distancing) students to our Two Week Design Build Class. It has been a historic two years since our last Design Build Class and we are so grateful for the continued interest in our classes and the opportunity to welcome these folks to Shelter and our philosophies of designing and building. #thinkbuildlive