It’s how we make dreams come true..

Real estate companies struggle to appear different from each other, but there really is no other agency—in Maine or anywhere else—like Shelter Realty.

In addition to our years of building and teaching experience, we have a penchant for listening closely to clients and a keen ability to match people with just the right home or property. Shelter Realty is steeped in the Shelter philosophy: Think. Build. Live.

This approach applies to buying or selling, building, or finding the perfect house. We help you consider carefully what you want and need, understand how it’s designed or built accordingly, and finally live in it fully. So, if you’re looking for a thoughtful approach to finding land or a home in Maine, view our listings and call to consult on buying or selling.


If you're buying, selling, or planning to build a home, there are a myriad of questions.

When you work with Shelter, we help you find answers.

With many years of experience in homebuilding, from wielding a chainsaw to site planning and home design, we’ve taught thousands of people to build their own homes, renovated old farmhouses, and built more than a few timber frames with our own hands. This kind of knowledge helps us help you, and it’s unique.

We specialize in helping clients identify their needs and then find just the right property. Whether it is land or property with a home or garage already on it we keep a close tab on the market and what is available. We also provide site planning consultation.

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October 15, 2020

FB Post #1

In this fifth video of our Chainsaw Video Series, Pat covers his favorite way of sharpening. A sharp chainsaw is a safer chainsaw, and way more fun to use! Whether you want more performance, or longevity out of your chain, Pat will go over the different variables when it comes to sharpening, and help you understand some of the core principles.
October 15, 2020

FB Post #2

We are well into the second week of class winding up a rousing day of Wiring taught by Pat Hennin , Blueberry Beeton wrapped up our Monday with Model-Framing. Tomorrow starts bright and early with a window installation and water-proofing workshop with Gaius Hennin

October 15, 2020

FB Post #3

We are thrilled to welcome 30 (smaller than our typical maximum to continue to support social distancing) students to our Two Week Design Build Class. It has been a historic two years since our last Design Build Class and we are so grateful for the continued interest in our classes and the opportunity to welcome these folks to Shelter and our philosophies of designing and building. #thinkbuildlive

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